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Rainy day photography ideas to inspire your inner artist

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to curl up with a cup of tea and get lost in a good book. But if you’re the type of person who prefers to make the most of every opportunity, then a rainy day can also be the perfect time to get out your camera and explore some creative photography ideas.

N.B. Before you set out or set-up, make sure you've got the right equipment to protect yourself and your equipment from the elements.

From photographing raindrops on leaves to experimenting with long exposures, there are endless possibilities for capturing stunning images on a wet and wild day.

So next time you’re stuck indoors, don’t let the rain stop you from getting out your camera and exploring your creativity. Check out this list of rainy day photography tips & ideas to inspire your inner artist!

1. The Beauty of Rainy Days

Rainy days are a great opportunity to capture some unique and magical photos. From moody monochromatic tones to capturing raindrops on windows and flower petals, there is much beauty to be found on a wet and wild day.

Here are some ideas to help you capture the beauty of rainy days:

1. Capturing raindrops on petals - Experiment with shooting at different angles and settings to find the perfect combination for capturing raindrops on petals.

2. Reflections of the rain - Use slow shutter speeds to capture amazing reflections from the rain in your images.

3. Water puddles and streams - Don’t forget to capture the little wonders of a rainy day, like water puddles and streams. You’ll be surprised at the stunning abstract images you can create.

4. Stormy skies - If you’re brave enough, try venturing out and capturing dramatic shots of stormy skies.

5. Shooting in the rain - Get creative and shoot outdoors in the rain. Wrap your camera in a plastic bag or even waterproof it to protect it.

6. Monochromatic images - With the grey and muted light on rainy days, you can create moody, monochromatic shots for a beautiful effect.

2. The opportunity for creativity

7. Creative natural shots - Look back to your childhood and use your imagination. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the natural and enchanting environment of a rainy day. From sticks in the ground to raindrops on trees and mushrooms, the possibilities are endless.

8. Forests in the rain - Forests are magical on rainy days. Capture the beauty of the forest landscape and capture some images of the mysterious and beautiful plants and animals that exist in their environment.

9. People in the rain -Although this can be tricky, it often leads to some incredibly captivating shots. If you can capture a photo of somebody standing in the rain and umbrellas, it can be a lovely way to encapsulate the beauty of rainy days.

10. Water drops on glasses - Find inspiration from your favourite films or books and recreate those iconic shots of rain on glasses. This can be a great way to transform a regular image into something eye-catching.

11. Rainy day fashion - After the rain has cleared, take a quick fashion shoot of your favourite outfit in the beautiful, post-rain haze.

12. A misty morning - The morning sun hitting the mist after a rainy evening is breath-taking. Capture these special moments before they evaporate!

3. Embrace the rain

13. Reflections in the rain - Rain storms are the perfect opportunities to capture some beautiful reflections in puddles and lakes. Grab your camera and make the most of the reflections of light and colour in the water droplets to capture some stunning images.

14. Rainclouds - Rainclouds can make even the most dreary sky look beautiful. Try using long exposure techniques to exaggerate the movement of the clouds and highlight the unique colour tones.

15. Rain-soaked vegetation - Rainy days are great for capturing the unique textures of your environment. Take a look around at the streets or countryside and find something interesting to photograph, whether it’s a bed of leaves, moss on a rock or the beauty of nature after the rain.