As photographers, we understand how photographs can strengthen memories and even provide ways of keeping people with you.

New life can be breathed into faded pictures, surprising detail can be extracted, even creases and rips can be fixed. 

In order to provide the best possible service, we use the most up-to-date software and technology available. 

How it works:

You can send or bring us your image(s) in whatever condition they are currently in, if possible.


NOTE - While you can scan and email us your images, most home scanners are set at 300dpi.

We optimise our equipment and scan in your images at a minimum of 1640dpi depending on size, age, paper type and quality.

From there we use a wide range of photographic editing and graphics software from Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, Imagenmonics, Exposure and DxO to bring out the original colours, skin tones, film and paper type then repair any damage and remove dust from the original image if required. 

Even if the image is stuck inside a glass frame, or photo album all hope is not lost! Just contact us to discuss the situation.


If it's something as simple as an old image you want cleaned up and re-sized we can accommodate you.

Colour restoration from Black and White images is something we can do, however due to the length of this process, we require a £50 deposit before we can schedule your restoration work.

Once the restoration is complete we will return your original image(s) and a digital copy of the restored image. We highly recommend professional printing and provide printing services on the highest quality archival photographic papers and inks to ensure your images last for generations to come.

Contact Will to discuss your requirements.​

Images of Historical Significance

Bring those images of historical figures back to life with our full colour restoration and digital repair services


Treasured Memories can be digitally repaired, re-coloured and brought back to life with our Digital Restoration and Print Services

Digital Photographic Restoration

From the Earliest days of film photography, to items from a more recent era, we can restore and preserve your memories and family history for years to come

Digital Photographic Restoration

Even bringing back an old image for an event or occasion, we'll do our utmost to repair damage and preserve your memories.

Prices are inclusive of return postage and VAT

Basic Resize & Restore    Repair, Resize & Reprint    Full Restoration & Reprint

  From £10 p/image          From £25 p/image           Contact for quote