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Christmas 2022 Restoration Project...

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Christmas is a wonderful time for the young and young at heart. In 2022, we had a special little project in mind for a gift.

It started back in March of 2022 with a large file dump of images that required restoring, repairing and retouching. In the midst of the file, a file was found of "Grandma" holding an old Kodak film camera.

As luck would have it, I actually have that particular camera in my possession for safe keeping. So I thought it would be a nice thing to restore the camera to go with the restored and re-printed image. After some careful disassembly and a little TLC the old camera was brought back to life to the point where if film were actually available it would work like it did the last time it was used.

Once the image was printed, matted, mounted and framed and put together with the old camera it seemed fitting that we recreate the original image with our boy, the original camera and the repaired image prominently in it's frame in the background.

As you can probably imagine, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

The point to this is, if you have some old images sitting in albums gathering dust, don't just leave them there. We love restoring those old images and bringing once faded memories back to life.

Moreover, recreating an old family image today; whether it be in the same location, with the same loved ones or with the same item, they make the greatest of gifts. Trust us, we have first hand experience of the reaction these kind of gifts receive.


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